Crystal Dalman

About Me

A little bit about Myself. I was born on Vancouver Island, Canada where I grew up in the little community of Mesachie Lake, enjoying what I believe to be, the best Childhood! Having the good fortune of freedom and support, to explore my large imagination, creativity and adventurous personality.

With my parents participation and support, I was lucky to have the opportunity to play on school sport teams, figure skate, attend gymnastics, dance, swimming, ski & several other extra curricular activities along the way.

Having a great joy for anything with an engine, I spent a lot of my childhood out on the dirt roads and trails around our community, dirt biking and driving many types of Vehicles. Living in Mesachie Lake and close to the Pacific Ocean, I equally spent a lot of time boating and in the water.

My love for driving lead me to owning a race car for a few years, followed by enhancing my driving abilities by attending Rick Seamans Motion Picture Driving school several times, Bob Bondurant Professional Driving School, DirtFish Rally School and Drifting 101. Outside of film, I enjoy being a driving instructor for the Justice Institute of British Columbia.

In my spare time you will generally find me outside cycling, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, running, wake surfing, exploring, gardening, building something and spending time with loved ones.

I lived in Whistler for many years, which I refer to as my Disneyland. Here is where I took my mountain biking to the profession level, while enjoying many other outdoor activities offered.

Working in stunts has been a dream come true! Entering the community wasn’t easy. I drove back and forth from Whistler to Vancouver for the first couple years, volunteering on sets to meet the working stunt community and learn the ropes, along with took a lot of background and special ability work the first few years, while waitressing and continuing my teaching assistant job. Was it worth it! One hundred percent!
I believe, “We can accomplish anything, when we put our heart into it”.

Writing has been another life long passion, keeping personal journals since my childhood and graduating from Simon Fraser University’s graduate, creative writing program, having an excerpt of my memoir published, getting the opportunity to read it live, at the Vancouver writing festival.

I have a love for travel, experiencing and learning about the different cultures, history, culinary, landscapes & architecture of the world, where I also enjoy finding pleasure in capturing different landscapes, architecture and life moments through photography.

Other studies and graduate programs I have completed include;
Safety and Supervisor courses, Yoga Teachers Training, Travel & tourism, childhood education, geography, children’s literature, interior design, property management & real estate.

I consider myself driven, honest, supportive, happy and punctual. I take pride in doing my best, being a team player and working safely. I have no problem asking for help and enjoy learning from other creative, inspiring people. Learning is something I will crave, till my last breath.

Crystal Dalman

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