Wu Assassins Stunt Double: Driver Kimani Ray Smith
Good Boys Stunt Driver Maja Aro
Legends ND Stunts Lloyd Adams
Arrow ND Stunts Rhys Williams / Eli Zagoudakis
Lost in Space Stunt Driver Jeff Aro
The X-files Stunt Double Melissa Stubbs
The Man of the High Castle Stunt Double: Ann Magnusan Maja Aro
Izombie Stunt Double/ND Stunts Ernest Jackson
The Arrangement Stunt Double: Christine Evangelista Ed Anders
Signed Sealed Delivered Stunt Double: Tammy Gillis Brett Armstrong
A gift to Remember Stunt Double: Ali Liebert Chad Sayn
Come and FInd Me Stunt Double: Annabelle Wallis Lauro Chartrand
Somewhere Between Stunt Double: Rebecca Staab Randy Lee
1922 Stunt Double: Kaitlyn Bernard Ed Anders
Psycho Wedding Crasher Stunt Double: Fiona Vroom Chad Sayn
Dead of Summer Stunt Double: Jenna Berman Maja Aro
Rabid Stunt Double: Laura Vandervoort Lauro Chartrand
SuperGirl ND Stunt Performer Simon Burnett
SUPERNATURAL (9 Seasons) Double: Various Lou Bollo
FLASH ND Stunts Chad Bellamy/Jon Kralt
GARAGE SALE MYSTERY Double: Lori Loughlin Brett Armstrong
DEAD RISING Stunt Zombie Trevor Addie
ONCE UPON A TIME (4 Seasons) Double: Jennifer Morrison Dave Hospes
ONCE UPON A TIME IN WONDERLAND Double: Emma Rigby Gaston Morrison
BATES MOTEL Double: Olivia Cooke Dan Shea
WITCHES OF EAST END Stunt Actor Scott Ateah
MOTIVE Double: Doug Chapman
TOMORROW PEOPLE Double: Sarah Clarke Lloyd Adams
THE 100 Double: Paige Turco Marshall Virtue
PRIMEVAL Double: Sara Canning Marshall Virtue
SPIDERMAN ND Stunts (Driving, ND Stunts) Andy & Vic Armstrong
PLANT OF THE APES ND Stunts Mike Mitchell
THE TWILIGHT SAGA – ECLIPSE Double: John Stoneham Jr.
THE TWILIGHT SAGA – NEW MOON Double: Kristen Stewart (Driving) J.J. Makaro
SANTA BABY Double: Jenny McCarthy Guy Bews
INTO THE BLUE 2 Double: Laura Vandervoort Brock Little
THIS MEANS WAR ND Stunts Marny Eng
THE LAST RITES OF RANSOM PRIDE Double: Lizzy Caplan/Cote DePablo Tom Glass
2012 ND Stunts John Stoneham Jr.
HYBRID Double: Shannon Beckner Richard Burden / Dave Hospes
WATCHMEN ND Stunts Doug Chapman
VIPER Double: Tara Reid Marshall Virtue
TIN MAN Double: Zooey Dechemal Marshall Virtue
FANTASTIC FOUR ND Stunts Mike Mitchell / Glenn Boswell
BLACK CHRISTMAS Double: Katie Cassidy Dave Hospes
SCARY MOVIE 4 & 3 Double: Jenny McCarthy (ND Stunts) Jacob Rupp
X-MEN 3 Double: Anna Paquin/Halle Berry Wade Eastwood / Mike Mitchell
INVISIBLE Double: Scott Ateah
88 MINUTES Double: Leah Cairns Scott Ateah
HOLLOW MAN Double: Laura Regan Ed Anders
FIDO Double: Carrie-Ann Moss (Driving) Rick Pearce
SNAKES ON A PLANE ND Stunts Freddie Hice / Scott Nicholson
PARTITION Double: Neve Campbell Lauro Chartrand
FINAL DESTINATION 3 Double: Gina Holden J.J. Makaro
FIREWALL Double: Terry Leonard / Bill Ferguson
FANTASTIC FOUR ND Stunts (Driving) Merritt Yohnka / Corry Glass
CHAOS ND Stunts (Driving) Andy Armstrong / Melissa Stubbs
EDISON Double: Piper Perabo Scott Ateah
CAT WOMEN ND Stunts (Driving) Andy Armstrong / Jacob Rupp
I ROBOT ND Stunts (Driving) Andy Armstrong / Scott Ateah
SCOOBY DOO 2 Double: Linda Cardellini Andy Armstrong / J.J. Makaro
SCARY MOVIE 3 Double: Jenny McCarthy Jacob Rupp
PAYCHECK ND Stunts (Driving) John Branagan / Owen Walstrom
CODY BANKS Double: Frankie Muniz Terry Leonard / Scott Ateah
THE CORE Double: Hilary Swank Scott Ateah
VALENTINE Double: Denise Richards Marshall Virtue
I FOUGHT THE LAW Double: Radha Mitchell Scott Ateah
JOSIE AND THE PUSSY CATS Double: Tara Reid Mike Vezina
RIPPER Double: Kelly Brook Garvin Cross
GREENMAIL Double: Kelly Rowan Scott Ateah
DOOR TO DOOR Double: Kyra Sedgwick Marny Eng
FRINGE Double: Rick Pearce
HAWAII 5-0 (3 episodes) ND Stunts (Driving) Jeff Cadiente
SMALLVILLE (all seasons) Double: Laura Vandervoort (various) Jacob Rupp
MEN IN TREES (all seasons) Double: Anne Heche Gaston Howard
THE DEAD ZONE Double: Dedee Pfeiffer David Jacox
TRU CALLING (all seasons) Double: Eliza Dushku Gaston Morrison
JEREMIAH (all season) Double: Various James Bamford
JOHN DOE (5 episodes) Double: Various Marshall Virtue
DARK ANGEL (4 episodes) Double: Jessica Alba Mike Mitchell
SEVEN DAYS (several episodes) Double: Justina Vail Rob Wilton